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Originally Posted by Sensible_ View Post
Simply put the name is generic and refers to 'versions' of all sorts of ECU software.

Think of it of software update for your car.

A practical example would be.

- You code your car which has v46.3 daten i.e. code xenon retrofit
- Vehicle for some reason goes to dealer and gets software update to v48.1
- You now need v48.1 to code your car

It also impacts upon programming aswell.
Okeydoke - sounds "Sensible" enough! I guess I thought there was more to it, thanks! So you basically just need a daten same or newer (higher number) than the version of your car?

I have heard of some looking to down-grade their daten's because of a dealer flash which locked them out of one or more features. Am I understanding this correctly - can you down-grade a daten? Presumably you lose settings if you do, I guess?

And as I can't get the cable to work yet, this may answer itself later - how do I know which daten I have/need?