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Originally Posted by tsuma View Post
I'm looking at the ARC-8 17*9.5" - ET35 for a square fitment on my E91 6MT (pre-LCI).

What's the best DD tire size:
  1. 225/45-17
  2. 245/40-17
  3. Something bigger?
I'm also considering taking the car to the MSR track just for fun. Do I need to mess with camber as a noob?

Finally, do you have any pix of these in Anthracite/Satin/Hyper black mounted on a white E9x? Trying to decide between the dark colors. Sorry it's not a technical question but I just hate my OEM 16" silver wheels.
The 245/40/17 would be recommended over the 225/45/17 on the 17x9.5" ET35 setup. However, the 17x9.5" ET35 setup is geared more towards a track setup with camber plates, for those trying to fit a 255/40/17 R-compound on their car.

Originally Posted by tsuma View Post
Thanks UltraRacer13 and NokTurNaL 330i.

I see the ARC-8 offered in only the following widths and offsets:
  1. 17x8.5" 40ET
  2. 17x9.0" 42ET
  3. 17x9.0" 30ET Concave
  4. 17x9.5" 35ET Concave

Would I need a 5mm plate with #1 or #3 to get to the proper offset of 35mm for a pre-LCI E91?
A 5mm spacer is only required for the 17x9.5" ET35 fronts for the wheels to clear the strut. The 17x9.0" ET30 and 17x8.5" ET40 do not have this issue, and spacers would only be added for cosmetics on the 17x8.5" ET40 since it sits well inside of the fender. People would then add a spacer to push the wheel away from the hub so that it sits closer to the fender for aesthetic purposes.

Originally Posted by NokTurNaL 330i View Post
I would get #3 and run 245 or 255 square. If you are not tracking 245 square is easy worry-free fit, no camber plates or spacers required. You will add more grip in front and can rotate wheels also. I have 9.5 square with 255 with camber plates and 5mm spacers in front on my pre-lci 330i. You can get PS2 tires which are also lighter by around 2 lbs than other brands according to Tirerack. This will help reduce unsprung weight even further. You will have an awesome light-weight set-up.

That is correct, the 17x9.0" ET30 with the 245/40/17 setup would be a great setup for those that do not have camber plates or aftermarket suspension, or do not have a dedicated track setup. These are one of the most popular setups for the e9x non-M for dual duty and street use. The wheels sit very flush to the fender, and does not require any additional modifications for the tires to clear as long as you are using a street tire. Extreme summer tires or R-compounds may give you trouble when you are lowered, but at stock height they should also be okay.