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Originally Posted by JayReplay View Post
Sorry to hear about that man. Karma is a bitch, no worries.

By any chance did you pay with a credit card?

I remember buying an RC car a few years back and the seller flaked on me, never sent out the car. I tried filing a complaint with paypal, no luck. Ended up disputing the charge through my credit card and got my money back.
It was actually through PayPal that's connected to my bank. I called my bank and the lady seemed lost and basically told me they don't do things like that, lol.

Got $300 so far, hoping I can get the remainder.

Originally Posted by Das_Stig View Post
yea i went to highschool there, know the type... hope you can recover the funds off the sale, maybe someone as you said will pick them up as a project.
Yeah hopefully I can sell the tails for something. I'm still a bit upset at myself that I entered $300 on PayPal initially. I called them twice to try to change that and only accept full price but getting a hold of someone there is nearly impossible and there's no way you can alter that number once it's sent.