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doesn't look like it, unfortunately...

if you are having this issue, you should be able to get to the connector pretty easily without having to do all the hard work. and you should be able to see outside the connector is pretty dry, at least in my case. the oil seems to be coming in from the bottom side of the sensor.

if you take a look at this pic from the OP, there are just 4 'plastic welds' that holds the metal plate down and that seems to be where the oil going in and up to the connector. I kept the faulty sensor and have yet to take it apart to inspect the inside of this piece. (maybe i'll do that so)


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Is it possible to just clean out the oil instead of replacing the sensor? In other words, is the sensor actually broken or is it just the connection? Has any one tried to clean the oil out of the connector, e.g. with an MAF sensor cleaner?