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Originally Posted by Thumperx
Originally Posted by R 4 5 T 4 M 4 N
DCI = more surface area, get DCI. </thread>
This is the only reasonable post statement. Simplistic, but accurate. For our engines, you want more volume of air going into the combustion chambers; therefore, more bang and HP.

So you want to look for intakes whose filters have external and inverted air entry surfaces.

That's why DCI works the best for the money. Disregard anyone who says "I don't like them for the looks"! Power gains are power gains -period.

Other makes you may want consider AFE, Ingne, Dinan (expensive), and BMS.

I've used the drop-in types too (k&N) but you'll only gain over and above a certain of increased air volume compared to OEM.

Someone has mentioned the OEM design is pretty good, and I agree with that statement. But to maximize the potential difference, one of the stated aftermarket intakes will best match your Cobb tune.
Are you forgetting heat soak?

I think that this becomes an important factor if all he is gonna run right now is tune only.

I wouldn't want my DD reaching high temps from driving spiritedly and we all know that would happen with DCI.