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Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
first let me answer your question....amount of stretch is a personal thing.

225/35 tire will stretch depending on what BRAND tire you get...each brand stretches differently. And b/c a 225 can fit on a 9" tire there is a chance it will not look like stretched. (ex. I have a 275 on a 10.5 it is stretched but people who don't know, don't know what to look for so it looks normal) If you want a definite stretch do a 215 tire in the rear(once again it depends on the brand always keep this in mind). The 215/35 and 225/35 tire keeps you in the "recommended aspect ratio of the factor size 255/30/ rear tire also keep in mind these tires will be taller then stock, but still in the recommended ratios.

as for the front it will be hard to get an equal stretch as for they don't make a lot of 195/xx/19 tires. So a 205/40/19 will have to do for the front

now my suggestion:
I would say keep the factory tire size maybe even move up a size, get some spacers and just flush out the tires as of now (non stretched set up). This would allow you save up for a nice set of wheels to stance(keep in mind you don't have to spend $5000+ on wheels to look nice), and to be able to use this set up year around if you want. And once you get your "stanced" look like you want, you'll have a normal tire set up to drive on daily if you want. If you want aggressive you can still get an aggressive look with a not stretched tire. If you are going for the stanced look you will have to lower your car a nice amount. I'm talking 2"+ to give it the look you are probably picturing. Stanced 4x4 is not a stanced car. Its like putting ketchup in your might taste good but it just don't go together. Now this is just my .02 cents.

Hopes this helps
I just realized i never posts that the car is lowered I guess is that why people are saying it will look bad? Im not completely clueless like it may seem I realize what it takes for a car to look stanced just not what the exact specs should be. I needed new tires and figured since I'm getting tires anyway why not take advantage of the opportunity and run a smaller tire and get some spacers to try and get a somewhat stanced look. The car is dropped quite a bit I'm on kw coil overs about as low as they will go. I'm trying to get a somewhat stanced look. What about running a 205 up front and a 235 rear? Should be similar amount of stretch front to back although not really a stretch.