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Originally Posted by Weiboy718 View Post
Alright, just thought I'd ask because I recently found something similar like yours on my car like when I turn my wheel it'll make a slight faint tap noise. So I dug in deeper this past weekend by jacking up the front end and on jack stands, while up in the air I turned the wheel and sure enough the noise was there and coming from the front left suspension area. Turned out to be the brake line bracket was rubbing against the sway bar end link bar when the wheel is turning. I just lowered my car about 2 weeks ago and I am not too sure how that happened however I just slightly bent the brake line bracket and all the noise is gone now.

You might wanna get it on the air and have someone help you turn the wheel to see if you have the same problem as me. Worth a try!
thanks man. it sounds like its coming more from the middle of the front of the center console though. maybe like the steering column or something?