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Fasttrack fail

I live in a the broke state of California. They are always trying to come up with ways to generate yet more revenue for it's ailing monetary status.

If you have the increasing displeasure of living in Los Angeles as I do, you may have noticed that the 110 fwy's carpool lane has gone the way of "Fasttrack" where you need to purchase a transponder to travel in the former "carpool lane" whether you are carpooling or not.

The transponder isn't all that expensive but it doesn't seem that they have really thought this thing all the way through. The transponder has 3 different settings depending on if you are travelling alone, with 2 people or with 3 or more. If you are travelling alone, of course they charge fees to get from point A to point B and of course these rates go up depending on traffic congestion. If you are travelling with the transponder in either the "2" or "3 or more" settings, you don't pay anything.

So why on earth would anyone not just leave it in the 2+ setting? Please enlighten me because it really seems that they haven't really thought this one through. Basically, purchase a transponder for $22 and keep it on 2+ and use the Fasttrack lanes for free.