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Originally Posted by blue_E92 View Post
I just realized i never posts that the car is lowered I guess is that why people are saying it will look bad? Im not completely clueless like it may seem I realize what it takes for a car to look stanced just not what the exact specs should be. I needed new tires and figured since I'm getting tires anyway why not take advantage of the opportunity and run a smaller tire and get some spacers to try and get a somewhat stanced look. The car is dropped quite a bit I'm on kw coil overs about as low as they will go. I'm trying to get a somewhat stanced look. What about running a 205 up front and a 235 rear? Should be similar amount of stretch front to back although not really a stretch.
the rears will probably not look stretched at all.

Originally Posted by thenewrick View Post
Sorry to hijack this thread but I have a question.

I'm going from 18x8.5 wheel with 255/35/18 tire, to a 18x9.5 wheel and 255/35/18 tire.

Will the tire be more stretched/flat and give more rear clearance and increased wheel gap in the rear? I only have a half an inch of gap now and I was hoping to get a tiny bit more gap without any negative side effects.

Conversely. If I go from a 225/45/18 to a 235/40/18 tire would I have less gap because the tire would be less stretched?
stretch and wheel gap are not related at all. Only way to eliminate gap is to lower your vehicle. And the 255 might be a little big for that 8.5 wheel.

too much to list...just know its wide and bagged