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Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post
I did notice there is a little bit more fresh oil leaking out of the oil filter housing and my recently replaced VCG than normal.. but no white fumes..

However, the tech had a look over and said it was all good.

What could this fresh oil leak indicate?
The oil filter housing is also a common repair at this mileage (overheat or not). It is generally harmless, but the filter disintegrate and sends particles to the oil and water passages and may clog them overtime - I suspect this can wear the water pump, but nobody knows (and oil and water may mix, though not always). Similarly, oil on the serpentine belt is not a good idea, so no hurry, but don't let it rot.

What you may be concerned about is that the most common gasket to blow off when overheated is the valve cover gasket (bolts break in the head, the gasket is not compressed: leaks). The oil can often creep along edges and be mistaken for oil filter housing leak. It may take a couple of miles before the leaks become apparent, but it should be now, so I'd take a look with a flashlight after removing the tupperware plastic cover.

The head gasket can go too, and that is major repair to get it fixed (and is maybe an indication of much worse issues). But hopefully you escaped that one. Take a look too, but it should be fine.