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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
The face plate can be removed on a stock head unit?? O.o I've never thought of that. I've never touched the head unit or moved any wires from there. The closest thing to the front I've touched was the fuse box area. Could that cause a short to the radio though?
Yeh def., its just takes awhile, and some patience to get it off correctly. Technically you remove the AC control unit, and then you can then get to the radio and be able to check the wires and so on.
hmm, depends on what you did. If you jingled any of the fuse connections, that could be your problem right there, but usually there in there tight. If so though, That would be as simple as giving them a good push in. It would be worth a try to open that up and check everything before opening up the radio though.
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