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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
As said I think the 535d/530d is more lardy than what your used to with the 3 series and the 535d will weigh more too. Dont expect the 535d to go like a 335d either - in fact it will probably be more comparable to a 330d and the 530d slower still.

I drove a 535d a few years ago and I felt a bit underwhelmed and it didnt feel that much quicker than the Vectra V6 3.0 diesel I had a the time (which was 100 bhp less). Maybe I was expecting too much.

I know the ride on the 3 series LCI is massively improved against the pre-LCI so this could be the case also with the 5 series LCI but I've no idea - you'd have to ask on a 5 series forum for the differences.

Sorry for all the comparisons to the 3 series - but then this is a 3 series forum.
I have to agree with most of that. The 535d has the same problem as the 335d - it's too smooth and doesn't "feel" it's going as quick as it actually is. My 530 felt quicker than the 335 oddly enough. Until you glance at the speedo! I came to the 5er from an E46 330d, and even though it's a lot bigger car and not that much more powerful (180 to 218bhp), it did feel a LOT quicker. Suspension mods on the 5 LCi were nowhere near as radical as the E9x.

If you're not bothered cosmetically, don't discount the SE version.
I think the LCi had a different Auto box too - it certainly had a different gear selector.