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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
Seen a few drifting videos....but this one is definitely hardcore!!!....

Are they doing this on public road? i.e illegally?...if yes, then no pity from me....Hope some T Cut will sort the car out!....hahahhaa....

If it's an organised legal event, then...yes terrible tragedy...

All these activities are illegal in Saudi. But it still happens as these arabic teenagers change the spots where they drift.
All or most of these cars are on rent and fully insured with some access, so nothing to loose except their lives / arms/ legs. IF you have 3 accidents on rented cars, you get black listed however your friends can always rent it for you and add you as second drivers.

I was not surprised when I saw young arabics in Saudi Hospitals post RTAs and same applies to their hospitals dealing with disable people. Young arabs having spinal cord compressions / vertebral fractures ---> wheel chair bound.

From the policing point of view, Police need massive work force to control such events and if such events happens every week, would police be able to control these lads? There is another video on youtube where a single police car tried to stop such chaps and ended up running from that event as few 4X4s started hitting police car.

Saudi Government has made few videos for awareness purposes....but as somebody > talent so none goes to brain.

I think Saudi people should make plenty of racing / drifting tracks and let these people play with the cars on the tracks rather risking their and others lives.