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Below is an email I received from duke dynamics. As I have said before they are more interested in this thread than satisfying the customer. I still have no replacement diffuser as I said I won't delete this thread until I received a product I'm happy with.

What guarantee do I have that you will still send the diffuser? You've said you will be sending it for past month!

"You and I know, we won't ship you the diffuser until you have deleted all your negatives comment on the BMW forums. See the attachment photo.

I had my promised I will send you the replacement, even though it not our fault. But you kept making things worst, and you didn't try to delete what we had asked you to do so.
Honestly, what other choice to do you have? Beside making all negative comments on our company. It's your choice, do you want the replacement or keep protesting on our company? it's your call.

Let me know.