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Originally Posted by Crulexis View Post
Does LSD Make much of a difference in snow?

For me with Dunlop winter sport 3D the dsc light comes often
From what I experience without the LSD, the DSC would kick in and that is suppose to help you get traction when the wheel is slipping, but I find it gets in the way, but with the LSD it helps with getting traction and the DSC doesn't inter-fear, I find you have more control over the car, LSDs are not only for tracking the car as some may think. I think LSDs should be an option we should get on performance BMWs.

And having a 6MT helps a lot!

Originally Posted by 12beat View Post
Made it to the bottom of my driveway, turned around and took the Jag to work. Although I have LSD I was afraid of getting stuck in the deep snow. Tripping the light like a xmas tree!
Use the LSD 12beat, use the LSD...

Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
Not sure why everyone is having so many problems with first real snow fall driving lol....I always loved it. (Plus, they're pathetic snow falls At best)

Last year I threw on Nordfrost 5's and just drove cautiously, but never got stuck. MT FTW!

This year I haven't driven in the snow and my performance wheels still on ....cry*sniffle*cry
-haven't been able to enjoy it lol cuz she's for sale

On a side note - those winters are for sale if anyone needs a winter set!

I've gotten through this winter with my new 2013 Ford Escape 4WD!

And Farb, you just started this thread to gloat about your LSD lmao
- just saying
OK that maybe part of it, BUT you got to admit that this tread turned out really good with some good winter story's that we had not have in a very long time.
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