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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
Couldn't of put it better myself - in my view multiple bumps mean "I wanna sell this ASAP" and when someone offers you £30 below your advertised price but still above £300 then you should take it based on the appearance of your 'keenness' to sell ?!?!

Not trying to 'strong arm' a deal as I wouldn't buy it from you now anyway but whichever way you butter this up it IS 2nd hand ie could you return it to apple for a FULL refund ? I think not !
Talk about cutting your nose to spike your face!!??

Just because someone is keen to sell it does not mean they are desperate to sell!?

This guy is not ripping anyone off with his price, so just because you cannot afford to buy a new one or refuse to buy it at a discounted price just out of your own principles it does not mean you have to come shhiting on his thread just because he will not sell it to you on your terms... HE IS NOT OBLIGED TO!! so get over it ffs