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Cheers for all of the positive comments guys

Originally Posted by shrink
Love the colour combination, and I really like the way the rear compartment is split into two proper seats with a nice centre console..are all e92s like that.

Wish the e90 had just done the same, as the middle seat is pointless
Yep I really do love the colour combination, I always wanted a grey car and its a lot easier to keep clean than my black 1er was!

The rear centre console is pretty cool to be honest and the air vents/ ash up much higher is a nice touch.

Originally Posted by alzieboy
Lovely car, space grey & red leather quality combination, also very much like the dash trim colour. ENJOY
I've never seen another car with the Individual trim up for sale - it's simply gorgeous!

Originally Posted by texasjohn
Nice motor, although I am somewhat biased as I bought a 2010 E90 335i (manual) at the end of November.

Is yours an N54 or N55?
N55 wanted it for the extra economy and from I've read so far, it seems fairly reliable. I'm not into heavy tuning either, so N55 all the way for me - may get a fairly tame remap soon...

I initially wanted a manual N55 - but they're are like gold dust! Ever since I first test drove a DCT I was sold

Originally Posted by dazza88
Nice clean looking car and loving the dash trim is the spoiler a genuine spoiler or aftermarket as I'm after one for mine.
Aftermarket. Didnt really see the point in paying just under 200 for a genuine spoiler that was unpainted, when the SSDD Motorsport ones were getting such rave reviews. They charge 95 for it painted and it was a perfect match!
Originally Posted by zltm089
Welcome!....nice intro!....

good choice, space grey way to go! ;-)

21 years a 335i.....the sexy b1tches will be all over you!!!!!....make the most out of it!!!!....while you're young!....

at 18, my first car was an old Astra....with magnex exhaust and knn air filter which gave it an extra 50bhp! ( I did believe it at the time) ....I didn't have a car at uni, which affected my pulling ratio by quite a bit....

and then I got my peugeot 406....back in the game!!!!...I can't believe i banged so many girls with a car like that!
Haha!!!! Post of the day I think!

Originally Posted by dobbo99
i remember seeing your 1series for sale, i look on his website quite a bit (geek) love the photos he takes.
i dont think id dare buy a 335i at 21 years of age!!
The photos that he takes are cracking aren't they!? I asked him for a copy of them when I collected the car

He really was a pleasure to deal with too..! I came down on my own, he chucked me the keys and said take it out for a spin when you've finished looking over it!