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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
Sounds like alignment or balance issues, though i'm not sure how you being stuck in some snow caused it. Perhaps i'm just sleepy and misreading your post, but I'm reading it as such:

1. Driving along all is well, but it's getting too snowy out for the tires
2. Too much snow, time to pull over and get towed
3. On truck, all is well in terms of rigging it up
4. Dig it out the next day, drive it onto dry land a few feet away.
5. Pronounced vibration upon driving
Yep, precisely. I'm glad to hear that you also think it's something like a balance/allignment issue.

With the luck I've had with this car, I half expected there to be some magical suspension component that gets destroyed if there's a few inches of snow under the body of the car or something. Said magical component would likely cost several thousand dollars to replace.