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What's with all the off topic comments? I bought the car in auction for dirt cheap I fixed the airbag light all it was, was the active headrests weren't plugged in. I swapt out my interior for M3 without Active headrests. I coded out active headrests and no more airbag light. Car came with carbon fiber quad rear diffusor I just took it off for some pictures. I've been driving the car for 6,000 miles the only thing I have had to do is replace a coil. I have driven two stock 335i's and had two other 335i owners drive mine, both said it was faster than their stock. Also out ran an 06 M3 60-120 so I can't be unerboosting that bad. I don't seem to have any unusual noises from turbos or wastgate rattle. But, if my turbos ar shot aren't they now covered to 82,000 miles? Car was fully inspected by BMW of Mornovia in California they said all maintenence was up to date and I saw the carfax and it was serviced regularly at BMW dealerships obviously they could BS me all they want. The car might be a three legged dog but it's now my three legged dog so I am going to feed him and love him unitl he dies. I am posting to this site to learn how to improve the car and get help. "Return the car" is not an option. I know this car was never ran on a tune so it couldn't have been beat up that bad. I am looking for answers to:

"I just replaced my catless Raceland DP's with OEM DP's and am getting higher boost? Does this make any sense? I also turned my BMS DP fix off. I am using a OBD Bluetooth reader and Tourque Pro app for readings. So maybe I am just getting bad info?

I was getting around 3.0 boost and now I am getting 3.3?"