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Hello Everyone!

I Got a Queustion to my BMW Car E60 CCC,

i Installed the Kufatec Fiscube Multimedia DVB-SAT Interface into my E60,

All Mounting inside the car and MOST ETC , All is fine car-hifi dealer installed it,
and we both check again all conectors etc and all is correct installed.

But When the ccc starts it doesnt coding automaticly the tv button.

And than i have coding tv button and changed vo with $601 and than when i powerreset the fiscube

the tv button is there white and i can choose tv but only the menues and tone but NOT THE VIDEO!

if cars go sleep and i open the car and start ccc the tv button is gray again -.-

Kufatec told me my software is too old, I think this isnt too old becous its silver/gray theme

Here is some pictures from my CCC, What software iam using someone know maybe??

Sorry for my english , iam from germany!

Great new and happy year i whish you all