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I was going to tempt faith, but i didn't leave early enough before a large accumulation of snow. By time i was outside, snow was at the bumper, and the plows had their first run at it piling snow up against the sidewalk, plus my unreliable snow removal contractor didn't show up yet. So I took my 4Runner. I backed out of the car shelter, parked on the snow to close up the shelter door, then I needed all of 4low, and locked diff to get off that snow, and up my street which is a steep incline because of course some guy in some chevy something in the opposite direction pulls infront of me and stops! So he's not moving, i stop and lose momentum and had to plow on up the street "parking lane" because he wasn't going up of down, and i didn't want to play that game. No way, no chance, no hope, nothing, would ever have made my rwd tackle the roads i took this morning.

I carry a tow rope in the truck. I stopped and towed one car stuck on the sidewalk to get into a gas station. Cops were there pushing which i found odd... I said i could tow them in, they put on the flashers and let me hook up the recovery strap.

Then I found an old man who high centered his mini van going into a parking lot. A couple of us stopped and tried to help, but his car had no tow hooks. Plus his wheels werent spinning at all. He had either blew a tranny, a diff, and axle, something, no wheel spin at all, and horible grinding, needed tow truck. He really skinny peddled and bashed that van into that snow mound. He said it looked like it was soft snow.....

Towed a low clearance jetta, who just was plowing and not getting traction on the ice. When i saw him, he was over heating from trying so hard for 30mins, his car was smoking.

Saw an 18 wheeler remove his trailer on the street because he couldn't get traction, not sure what happened after. A bunch of these guys were stopped trying to figure it out. Another one further up had taken a bad turn and ended up stuck between the median and the sidewalk slanted since it was hard to tell what was street, sidewalk, median. Lots of little trucks with flashing yellow lights around that guy.

Saw an abandoned car in the snow. No one in it. Not sure why it wasn't towed away, it was almost blocking an entrance to hwy 25. And the snow plows had plowed around it....weird...

Glad I had my 4runner. Maybe an xi or X3 for me next time. But then again I won't want to bash a nice BMW through snow mounds, xi or otherwise anyway.

So Montreal's winter 2012/2013 initiation is done. Now maybe people will remember all about how nasty it can be to drive in it.
I was waiting for some people from quebec to dime in, things seems to be pretty hairy up there... I'm going to mtl for the new years, but I decided to take the train instead, dont want risk my car.
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