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The first time I pulled the plugs the "wet" on #6 was clearly gasoline - smelled like gasoline and evaporated in 10 min. or so leaving the plug dry and black.

I honestly can't believe I haven't seen a misfire code, because it sure feels like a misfire. Idle is pretty good but every now and then I think I can detect a little anomaly in it.

Previously I was getting a "mixture control" code but it hasn't come back since I cleared it the first time...? (still no light, just a shadow code.)

I took a closer look this time when I had the plastic cover off because I too was thinking "well maybe I'm getting a VC leak" but I didn't see any oil sitting in the bottom of the plug tube or anywhere else for that matter. Coming from working on Studebakers and my other current vehicle being a Jeep, it's kind of odd not seeing any oil on the outside of the engine at all.