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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
The first time I pulled the plugs the "wet" on #6 was clearly gasoline - smelled like gasoline and evaporated in 10 min. or so leaving the plug dry and black.

I honestly can't believe I haven't seen a misfire code, because it sure feels like a misfire. Idle is pretty good but every now and then I think I can detect a little anomaly in it.

Previously I was getting a "mixture control" code but it hasn't come back since I cleared it the first time...? (still no light, just a shadow code.)

I took a closer look this time when I had the plastic cover off because I too was thinking "well maybe I'm getting a VC leak" but I didn't see any oil sitting in the bottom of the plug tube or anywhere else for that matter. Coming from working on Studebakers and my other current vehicle being a Jeep, it's kind of odd not seeing any oil on the outside of the engine at all.
The N54 misfire detection is ultra-sensitive. If you actually misfired it would throw an SES light and your car would shut fuel and spark off on that cylinder until you restart the car.

A slight hiccup in idle may very well require a valve cleaning, but I don't necessarily buy that it's a necessity. It's gross to look at in pictures but it's not necessarily the solution.

If you take a picture of the actual "bad" plug, we could give you more feedback. If you see oil on the threads, that's a VC leak. If you see wet oil on the plug itself, also VC leak. If it's just wet fuel, could be an injector. Best to pull the plug to check before you cold start the car in the morning.

See below picture of my #6 plug at 32k miles. That required a VCG job.

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