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Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
Lol. Your car looked riced out my friend.

OP, I like your concept. Have you tried contacting ltbw? I don't think they are active on these forums as they used to be so creating a thread probably won't get their attention.
Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Haha you remembered, just trying to push some buttons
As I said before its always good to see something different keep up with the creative ideas

I know right coloured wheels are for sure rice IMO. Glad you liked it keep them coming
Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
Rice? Lulz

Most certainly not IMO. Poked to hell and back is more rice than an M6 bumper and fender.
guys lets stop with the rice stuff. everyone is entitled to their opinions, this is why we have different styles for everyone, different clothing, cars, different wheels, sneakers, shoes. so on and so forth. suggestions are always welcome. ill either take them into consideration or set them aside for some thought. since the majority of the people who commented think it looks fine the way it is i will stick with the plan. Project335i i appreciate your input in this, i will make this work out for the best. like i said its just a photoshop and nothing beats the real deal once its done correctly. Here are some examples of BMW Rice.
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