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Metalcast Yellow in Canada?! Not.

Holy cow - what a circus.
Trying to get a can of Dupli-Color Metalcast Yellow MC202 in Ontario, Canada. You'd think I was trying to buy a pound of plutonium. First, nobody sells it locally - Red, Blue, Green, problem. Yellow? Not so much.

Furthermore, as it is considered a "hazardous material" (aka an "Aerosol Can") it carries all kinds of overhead during shipping and crossing the border. I have been quoted shipping rates as high as $75 for a $7 can of paint!! Holy crap that's ridiculous. Average is about $35-$50. Still deep within the "ridonkulous" category.

Shipping costs to Niagara Falls, NY, however - a few blocks from the Canadian border? Anywhere from FREE to about $6. Unfortunately, it will cost me $50 in gas to drive there myself! Arg.

"Free Trade," my azz.