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4x4 light and shifting issues on 330xi 6 speed manual

Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me diagnose my car, I have searched and couldn't find anyone with similar issues with manual trans.

the car is 2006 330xi with just 50k 6spd manual, just did redline D6atf flush and it didn't help.

I have the usual brake and 4x4 light on. There's no issue shifting the car to 1st gear from a stop, but it takes a lot of effort to shift the car at over 2k rpm at any gear, even under 2k rpm it takes more pressure to get it in gear than usual. Downshifting is even harder, I normally just coast to a stop.

I'm suspecting there's an issue with my transfer case set positioning motor, part# 27107546671 on realoem that triggers my 4x4 light. But would that effect the way the car shifts on manual transmission ?