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Originally Posted by cageyvet View Post
I applaud you guys for doing something different but if you're going to go through all the trouble of making a turbo kit, ditch the twin setup and make a nice T4 ts manifold even if that means relocating a few things and not to nitpick but y are using MS.
Not sure where you are seeing any mild steel, and yes you are nitpicking. Gotta love when you announce you are going to build something and people come out of the woodwork saying its not possible, it wont fit, not even close, etc, etc then you build it and people come out of the woodwork nitpicking every detail, like people who cant tell the difference between SS and MS. TS T4 flange is being done if you have been following the N54 world at all. Thanks for the input though, and I'll say it again because it seems people seem to forget, this is a pre production prototype, liberties are being taken in the name of getting a runnable kit for testing that will not be in the final kit. My best bet is just to stop posting any photos or updates til I get a production ready kit to keep all the armchair quarterbacks at bay.