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Originally Posted by Kbimmer View Post
I was waiting for some people from quebec to dime in, things seems to be pretty hairy up there... I'm going to mtl for the new years, but I decided to take the train instead, dont want risk my car.
The snow plows have been great clearing the roads. Now they need to haul it away. So this means, i would be comfortable taking the rwd almost anywhere. The problem is smaller residential streets. They are plowed, but snow basically pushed to the side. Just enough for one car. So if you meet head to head with another, and you need to pull into a snow bank, then you run the risk of getting stuck because of ground clearance. That's my issue, clearance. Plus parking if you need to park on the street will be hard. I don't want to say rwd sucks. Rwd BMW on winters, with stability control is safe. But without ground clearance its not going anywhere. But that can be said for all cars, just lower sporty cars meet that clearance barrier sooner. Awd might atleast give you push and pull, and hopefully xdrive can transfer enough power around to get traction.