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Hey guys,

Tonight I drove from Orlando to fort lauderdale. About 2/3 thru the trip, the oil light came on the info display. At first I was concerned about the heat (paranoid from posts I've read).

After scrolling thru the system check I noticed that the issue is the car saying it needs a quart of oil as the level was right on the minimum level.

I've only had the car about 6 weeks, purchased CPO so I dunno the last time it got an oil change though I'd assume it was done sometime shortly after I bought it. I've done about 2500 miles.

The car isn't leaking to the best of my knowledge as I havent seen any oil spots.

So the question is, since this is my first turbo car, do I have a reason for concern? Can I add my own oil or should I just take it to the dealer? It seems excessive to need a whole quart of oil to me as the instrument cluster says +1 QT.

Any suggestions on the best course of action and things to look for would be very appreciated!!

Ps... The car is bone stock except for some spacers and lux h8 led bulbs for the rings.