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Trunk roundel stubbornly stuck. Won't come off.

I've read about every thread about removing the trunk roundel... I managed to remove the hood roundel easily.

However my trunk roundel is perfectly flush again the trunk, so I can't even stick a THIN plastic card between roundel and trunk (tried top, bottom, and sides), and then use a screwdriver to pry it loose.

I can't even stick a flat head screwdriver in there by itself, without any protection for the paint! I have to apply ALOT of pressure just to use my nails to create separation between the trunk and roundel.

The build date of my car is Oct 06 (E92).

Is this a problem of cold weather? Its below freezing in my garage right now. Will it be significantly easier to remove once its hot outside? This is really bugging me and I want the solution now.