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Adaptive headlights have a squint again.

Whilst I really like the HID lights, I think the adaptive turning component in much more trouble than its worth.
Same problem as before: They developed a divergent squint; RH headlight refused to line up straight ahead when on main beam whilst driving from Lowestoft last night. So I drove with the LH working but with the RH one pointing at 45 degrees to the right- no fault warnings appeared unlike before.
I had the same recurrent problem last year with about 4 visits to the dealers - eventually a whole new headlight was installed under warranty (they are about 800 to buy).
Last night restarted the car several times - RH headlight then re-aligned itself but takes about 3 secs to track from pointing right to straight ahead - much slower than the LH light.
Car (E91 Msport 330D) is under extended warranty and done about 30000 miles so I assume the light will be covered.
Anyone had similar problems? and how was it solved ?