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Originally Posted by dylim View Post
Is it possible to just clean out the oil instead of replacing the sensor? In other words, is the sensor actually broken or is it just the connection? Has any one tried to clean the oil out of the connector, e.g. with an MAF sensor cleaner?
Yes you can try to clean it out first....I was advised to try that too but after researching more, the bottom line came down to...if there is oil in it now, there will be oil in it again after cleaning it.
You do not need to take anything apart other than the covers in order to expose the sensor (top part) unplug it and have a look inside.
You will see the electrical pins when you look down in. Oil seeps up through them pins and as explained, coming through that metal section on the bottom.
However to replace this sensor, there is no other way but to take the valve cover off.
You can try cleaning, but with all leaks, cleaning it and drying it will not stop the leak...would be nice though.