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I have a similar issue. My car is completely stock though. My radio shuts off and the light on the SOS button comes on then goes off and the radio comes back on. I think it may be a battery issue. I've gotten my battery tested and was told it was fine, but was only at 60% charge. They said don't let it sit...only problem is I don't. It's my daily driver. Now the radio issue seems to go away after I've driven for a little bit, so I had the battery tested when it didn't seem to be shutting off and I was told there were no issues with the battery at all. My next course of action is testing for a parasitic draw. I checked it quick one day and I'm getting 0.49 amps when the car is off. The only problem is that the trunk obviously has to be open so the light on. I pulled the bulb out but there still could be some relays or solenoids that are powered I think. I'm no electrical expert, so if anyone else has any input that'd be great. Maybe you should get your battery checked when you're having the issue. Sorry for the long post!