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So last couple of days I have been going crazy because my car loses all the boost after hitting over 70-80 mph when I full throttle basically I have an 09 e92 with 40k miles the mods are bms DCI, jb4 g5 ISO,vrsf Dp and no muffler. So I ran the car with 50% e85 and 50% 93 for good 2 months and I just started having this problem last week so I decided to stop using e85 and filled up my tank with 93 octane straight 2 times and then got on highway full throttle from 40 to 100 on jb4 map 5 and once I got to about 80mph and 5.5-6 rpm I just lost all the boost and then when I would full throttle it would have stock boost but if I quickly switch the jb4 to map 0 and go back to map 5 it would give the 15-17 psi I get and as soon as I hit 5.5-6 rpm goin over 80 I lose the boost again
I emailed logs to terry and he said its fueling issue but how can it be a fueling issue if this happens on straight 93 oct gas??
Anyone else experience this kind of problem and know what is wrong with the car?
Also the codes I get are 3 different cylinder misfires and boost leak code
Are my turbos? Blown?
As far as code I'm getting for under boost I'm thinking it can't be chargepipe because it seems to hold boost just fine from 0-80 with up to 18 psi
So Please help!