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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
I'm more than fine with the stock car photos, and, in fact, i quite like that folks dont think that it takes a set of $5k rims to have something that you're proud of. Heck, around here, the "completely stock" cars are sometimes the ones who are unique considering the number of folks with modifications. Besides, you can't call yourself an enthusiast of anything unless you appreciate it in its purest form.

Personally, the only thing that rubs me the wrong way is the folks who think that because someone else's car is stock or not modded in the exact way that he/she likes, than the owner is wrong for having the car that way. Cars are all about the personalities. Some folks are stockers, some like just a few minor tweaks, some are firm believers in "speed before beauty", others in "beauty before speed", some just go balls to the walls with every modification they can think up...that said, if the car is perfect to the owner, then it's just right and pride should be taken in it.

Keep the stocker picks coming! (And the modded ones, please)
my thoughts exactly. i think it's all good to show photos of stock E9x's. it's like documenting where your car is starting from if you do start making changes.
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