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Originally Posted by snowman81 View Post
I have a similar issue. My car is completely stock though. My radio shuts off and the light on the SOS button comes on then goes off and the radio comes back on. I think it may be a battery issue. I've gotten my battery tested and was told it was fine, but was only at 60% charge. They said don't let it sit...only problem is I don't. It's my daily driver. Now the radio issue seems to go away after I've driven for a little bit, so I had the battery tested when it didn't seem to be shutting off and I was told there were no issues with the battery at all. My next course of action is testing for a parasitic draw. I checked it quick one day and I'm getting 0.49 amps when the car is off. The only problem is that the trunk obviously has to be open so the light on. I pulled the bulb out but there still could be some relays or solenoids that are powered I think. I'm no electrical expert, so if anyone else has any input that'd be great. Maybe you should get your battery checked when you're having the issue. Sorry for the long post!
If you mean that the radio cuts out, when the motor is not running, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it happened to me about 2 yrs. ago, and it was because I didn't drive the car enough and the battery was not fully charged. What would happen is I was sitting in my car, using the phone on bluetooth, and listening to the iPod. Sometimes, while on a call, the bluetooth would drop, the music would come on, and my phone call was on my handset. At first I didn't get it. Eventually, after putting up with it for a while, the entire ignition shut off, and the battery light turned on.

What I can also say is there's truth to the battery not being fully charged when you don't drive it enough. I replaced the battery a year later, but kept the original. That original is still good--I charged it and load tested it. I've actually been maintaining it weekly with a battery tender, and the eye is solid green.

A battery tender is a good investment on our cars imho....