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Bedford Autodrome GT track, open pit lane,anyone want to go together in June/July?


Im currently thinking to start going to track days so i can experience driving fast, well for a 320d anyway, and just wanted some advice from people who have done this before.

I have already decided on the Autodrome as its close, and pretty reasonably priced, 109 for a day (open pits and potentially 6 hours of driving!). I like the idea of not having sessions. Also with no barriers its just an option im comfortable with.

The questions i have are:

1) Insurance. I have heard its very rare that you'd damage your car, so is this something thats really needed? I need to check if my insurance covers it as its non-competitive.

2) Seat belt. I don't want to be moving around too much in the seat when going around. I have seen two decent options. First is the CG Lock This seems good as its cheap but would it be enough for what i want to do? Or on the other hand should i get a 4/6 point Schroth harness, which is a lot more expensive and maybe OTT?

3) Pads, tyres and dampers. I've replaced my pads recently (1-2 months) so not too worried about them. My tyres however have roughly 5mm left. How much would this go down if i thrash it around on a dry day? Also, i still have OEM dampers, with ACS springs. Would one day wear them all out?

4) Other drivers. Are they all decent or do you get some idiots who think its a Grand Prix, and maybe crash into you?

5) On board recording. Would i be allowed to use my iphone to record the action?

6) Anything else you pros think would be helpful?

Many thanks
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