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We overstocked our shelves and on BC BR Coilovers and need these gone. These are by far one of the best budget coilovers on the market. If you are looking for a package deal we can offer extremely aggressive pricing on other products with the purchase of a set of BC Coils! Let us know what you need for your BMW!


KW V3's are in stock and ready to go!

These are in stock, lets make a deal!

When you are shopping for Coilovers for your BMW, you should ONLY consider KW! – here are some brief reasons why:
-Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer Defects
-Every KW Coilover is enginereed & tested for your application specifically.
-These are not “one size fits all” like competitors. What does this mean? When comparing KW to competitors Kits - check to see if they include a vehicle specific certificate & dynograph. If not, they simply use the same damper for every application & assemble a vehicle specific Top Hat & bottom Clevis to make it fit your vehicle. Where is the benefit in that!? Is this what you want when making an investment in Coilovers??
-100% Stainless Steel, Will not corrode!

3 Way Adjustable ( Height, Compression, & Rebound Dampening )
MSRP = $2499.00

Shot at 2012-07-11

KW spring strut construction
Advantages of a KW coilover spring strut at one glance:
•Optimally adjusted KW suspension for any car class and any use – comfortable, sporty or performance-oriented
•High-quality components for long durability
•Innovative technology of the independent adjustable rebound- and compression damping
•Use of twin-tube technology, therefore independent adjustment of the damping forces for target-oriented influence of the car body vibrations and drive dynamics
•Pre-set suspension with all component parts, vehicle-specific certificate & Dynograph with clear assembly instructions

KW valve technology
For each vehicle class and for every operational use, KW offers the optimal adjusted suspension, from comfortable, to sporty or performance-oriented.
This demanding objective can only be achieved with the innovative, patented KW technology with an individually adjustable rebound- and compression damping. For this reason, we base our damping developments on twin-tube technology.

With our 2-way pressure valve technology two, basically incompatible characteristics – dynamics & driving comfort – can be uniquely combined.

Our Variant 3 allows adjusting the rebound damping forces completely separately from the compression adjustment. This allows optimal amount of traction to the road if so required.

The determining factor for the overall adjustment is the fact that the compression- and rebound forces have no relation to each other – in other words: an alteration of the compression damping does not necessarily also involve an alteration of the rebound damping.

KW "inox-line" in detail ( Full Stainless Steel Body )
•Highly corrosion-resistant
•Unsurpassed quality
•No signs of wear at the adjustment mechanism – also during long use
•Trapezoid thread in stainless steel eases height-adjustment
•Perfect look – permanently
•High load tolerance

The Competitors ( Zinc Plated ) After the Salt Spray Test:

KW After the Salt Spray Test:

KW 7-post dyno
In Short, KW is the only Suspension Company in the world to own one of these. This is how they engineer each & every Coilover Kit specifically for your application! The 7-post drive dynamics test stand provides testing facilities in the laboratory which ideally support subjective tests on the road and on the race track. The tests supersede a large part of the elaborate test drives which are performed in order to check the engine- or vehicle durability. Most of all for newly developed cars or such vehicles for which there is not any suspension concept available yet, those stages of development are very important. With the data gained and knowledge of the dynamic behavior of the shock absorbers, mainly the car body vibration can be reduced. By precision work at slight vibrations, also the grip can be positively influenced. Moreover, information about friction and bracing in the suspension and any form of asymmetry between the left and right side of the car can be obtained.

Q -How much warranty do I have on my KW’s?
A - All KW street suspension comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Q – How much does a rebuild cost should I need it due to normal wear?
A - $125.00 per Damper

Q - Can I run a different spring rate?
A - KW’s engineers have worked very hard to match spring rates to the vehicle specific dampening rates inside each KW strut and shock absorber. This provides a very sporty and improved feel while still retaining a very comfortable ride. While on some applications, it is possible to change the spring rate, changing spring rates will ultimately compromise the perfect balance of performance and comfort that has been designed into the KW line of suspension products.

Q – Why Doesn’t the KW Coilovers have a secondary “lock” collar on the Lower Spring Seat?
A – Most other Coilover Companies use Aluminum Spring Seats & have a second “lock / jamb” Collar. The Aluminum is corrosive, & after normal use, the two collars become seized together. KW uses a single Polyamide Composite collar with a locking set screw.

Q - Why doesn’t KW offer a threaded adjustable shock body?
A - There is no need for an adjustable body, as KW’s are engineered for each specific application, and are not just a “universal” shock body like other manufacturers offer. Each KW application is designed to operate in the usable suspension range of each car. KW’s engineers have done extensive testing with each application and have developed suspension that will lower your car as much as is safely possible.

Q - Why doesn’t KW include Top Plates with their Coilover Kits ?
A- There is no need for Top Plates unless the vehicle is set up for 100% competition / track. For a track vehicle the solid top plates can be beneficial as they allow for Camber Adjustment, & it removes all deflection from the vehicle chassis. Solid Top Plates will cause unnecessary ride harshness & excessive noise on a street vehicle. The main reason competitors will include Top Plates with their kits is because their Damper are “universal” & they simply toss a vehicle specific Top Plate & bottom Clevis on the Damper to fit your application. A Coilover investment is not something you want to be a “one size fits all”