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So I called him,

He said lots of nice things about the car. Condition etc, then when I got a chance to finally get a word in. I asked if it was a cat D.

To which he hesitated and said ... this is the reason why he has kept the price low in order to generate interest.

The story according to him is that the guy he bought it off had an altercation with his wife/gf who had taken a knife to the whole interior seats, carpets and dashboard and dials etc...

I asked if he was sure he was flood or fire damage and he said no just knife.

At this point I gathered that he had replaced the interior which explains the somewhat odd colour choice.

He then rambled on and said BMW had recently inspected the car and said that it was an outstanding example. He also mentioned BMW's are very expensive and premium cars and that the next owner should appreciate that this car is valued at 34k by BMW. He then said that he was actually hinking of relisting the price at 32k because of all the interest.

At this point i politely concluded the conversation without speaking my mind.

Which is this.

The Dodgy k*nt must think ppl are stupid. Absolute novice.

Firstly the F*ucking wheels... those B8stard wheels are reps. they are not one of a kind BBS. they are such illfitting reps with w*nkface falcrap rubber.

The would be one of a kind if elton john had place them on his BBQ and the black finish was due to them being burnt.

Next thing he said the carbon fibre on the car makes this makes is a special buy. well the F*cking carbon crap on the front looks like it was bought from that HAPPYGOLUCKY seller from thaliand or where ever.

The roof is carbon from factory not an optional extra you K*OB.

When askd what kind of fual he runs it on he said... unleaded only unleaded. What a Chimp.

And the Interior.... What a W*nk colour to choose. I am sure if he chose red or black then it would have looked much nicer.

And finally back to the wheels... seriously how bad do they sit.... just look at them....