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Went in to buy SQ5 and bought an A8

So decided to buy the new SQ5 but wanted to have a drive in one to just get a feel of what they are like but the dealer only had a s line 140 bhp model. It was pretty terrible tbh and put me off but while I was there I sat in a high spec a8 3.0tdi quattro se exec. Lovely!

Had a test drive and it's the first car I've driven that was a significant improvement over my 5 series ( I have the adaptive dampers ). In fact not only did the engine seem super fast but it was a good 25% better than my 5 series.

So their car listed at 75000 with the spec on it and they offered it to me for 56000 which I was generally impressed for a car with that spec. This is until I got home and looked at the deals on nearly new used vehicles.

So I've got for 41000 a July 2012 3.0 TDI Se Exec Quattro with climate comfort massaging seats, Night vision ,solar roof , adaptive cruise , lane assist and side assist
, heated steering wheel , double glazed uv insulating glass and heated windscreen and less than 3000 miles on the clock + all the standard items that come with this model.


I'm generally happy and looking forward to it

Will post pics as soon as I get it.

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