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Insurance get it!
Pads are ok. just maybe pit in every couple of laps to cool them down. ( when you do stop in the pits do no apply brakes or handbrake if you can help it)
Dampers and springs will be fine as long as you dont go too hard and hit all the kerbs. even if you do they should be ok. The main issue you will have with the dampers is that due to heat it changes the presures inside the dampers and they will loose their sharpness after a while. again can be remedied by pitting and coling down.
tyres will be fine mate, as long as you dont drift too much. The car is will be able to be driven home with loads of tread left.
what else did you ask? seat belts.... Hmm I wouldnt bother as i doubt you will be pushing that hard?
and be courteous to other drivers, let them go past.

generally enjoy yourself its not a race. just have a few hours and do some good laps.

all the best mate.