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Originally Posted by a burrito View Post
Cool videos. Makes me like the Ecoboost even more..

I really like Rams option for the Air-Ride Suspension but I never really liked the Rams look. I like what Ford is doing with the Ecoboost + FX4 appearance pack.

Great Truck. What kind of gas mileage are you getting? Any gripes about it?

Thanks. Fuel mileage is not that great. Around town I'm getting 12.5-13mpg. Could be higher if you baby the trottle. On the highway, I'm getting 16.5mpg. I love this truck even with the gas mileage I get. Would I want it to use less fuel? sure, but I'm thoroughly happy with it overall. Just the other night we got a snow storm in NY and the temps were in the 20's. The roads were very bad with packed snow and ice. I had to go to the local train station to pick up my sister. The road to the train station is very windy like a race track(love driving the Z06 on it)Its only 10 min. away but it took me 1 hr to go and come back. It was rush hour and I had some cars infront of me driving at a crawl. Some were even stuck. This was the first time I drove the Raptor in the snow. I put it in 4HI and was off. This thing is a tank! Nothing shook it. It never slipped once unless I did it on purpose. Very confidence inspiring. I would buy a Raptor again and again. No doubt