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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
LSD is huge. Unless OP turns no corners.

What I did is expensive, but yields a delightful daily driver and track performer. Do in stages if you wish - LSD before rear M sway, please!

Remarkably smooth handling with unending grip, 2.5 camber, if you can tolerate tire life. You should learn how to do precision alignments! Equip available from racing sites - highly recommended - you may want diff setup for street than track. Camber plates a great blessing.

I really want an LSD just cant afford it at the moment. $1600+installation is a little out of my price range even though I know it would help tremendously. Maybe in summer if funds permit. I'm due for new summer tires when spring arrives as mine are pretty worn out. That being said I really like the idea of going with a square set up as so many have suggested and think I am going to go that route first and add other bits as I gain experience.

One thing I noticed was that Vorshlag sells different camber plates depending on if you are running stock suspension or coilovers. That being said does it make sense for me to just suck it up and get the KW V2 Coilovers I want to get eventually and the corresponding camber plates now? Would hate to have to buy a second set of camber plates down the road when I buy the coilovers.

Thanks for the advice so far guys, really great insight here! Keep the knowledge coming!
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