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Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
I found one for $650.00? I know ths is dumb but I am doing all the labor so it won't cost more.

I am putting in the LSD, then coilovers, powerflex subframe bushings (full not inserts) and they area lot easier to install without a tool and then the rear set bar. Some are saying to not do the rear swaybar and only do the front, I can't see logic in that....maybe they don't have a LSD? Probably do lockdown kit after all suspension is one unless I get bad wheel hop.
Yeah, that's the one. If I had the entire rear end apart I would go ahead and the lockdown kit, if not then you'll have to drop the diff again later to put put the kit in. I can almost guarantee you're going to have some severe wheel hop. I'm making less power than you are/will be and there's no way in hell i can launch my car at the track or on the street without either blowing the tires off or getting wheel hop(believe me, I've tried)
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