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I have a '09 335i E92 6MT no Nav no iDrive. Never wanted those options. They are out of date almost as soon as you buy the car, and hopelessly out of date once the car is a few years old. They are horrendously costly to repair and not covered under CPO. And I really don't care for a bluish LCD screen glowing at me while I'm driving. I LOVE the all amber/red lighting on my car. The LCD would just ruin that.

If I need to navigate, I use my iPhone (laying on my right leg). It's not perfect but it works fine. But I'm old-school. I just want a dot on the map showing me where the destination is, and I'll pick what road to take.

With 6FL and the correct cable, iPod and iPhone work flawlessly for music. It's a little slower scrolling on a smaller screen, but the amber/black screen is highly visible. It definitely sounds better than using the ACC cable alone, although I'm not sure why (probably because the 6FL cable is using line level out from the iPod).

Not interested in Bluetooth streaming. That will just add another layer of lossy compression to the sound. I prefer Apple Lossless for sound quality on iPod, but I've found 256-320 mbps ACC/MP3 to be adequate in the in-car environment. I find 128 mbps MP3 to be audibly compromised and anything less than 128 to be practically unlistenable.

My GF's VW Jetta has satellite radio. I got her the subscription (her car already had the right equipment). The selection is good, but the sound quality... big disappointment. The echo and smear from the lossy compression is always noticeable. You have to try to fool yourself to not notice it.

I have a manual trans. I love DRIVING my car. I have no interest in taking phone calls, updating facebook or tweeting while driving. If I HAVE to make or take a call while driving, I just use the iPhone by itself with headphones.

For Sale: 2009 335i 6MT (E92/N54), Sport / M-Technic / no iDrive / Black Sapphire / Black Dakota Leather, ZCW, 6FL, PDC, 19" VMR VB3, Pilot Super Sport, M3 control arms + tension links (fr) S. California