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Originally Posted by AdrianRex View Post
Ctuna gave you the best advice if your imperative is to get your current car modded.
However, the short answer is this: ultimately, if financials will allow you to, the 335 is objectively the better car to trade into than any mods you could possibly put on your 328. I have a 328 myself and although the AA tune (you'll find it in the boards) was nice, and maybe an exhaust can slightly improve the sound, you will not see substantial gains.
It will come down to what your objective is for your vehicle and how much you want to spend and whether the mods are mechanical or cosmetic. Good luck. I wish more than anything I could personally get into a 335 but I am blessed that at 22 can pay for a car as nice as the one I have without having to eat ramen every night and avoid debt collectors.

As repeated on this forum incessantly, "It's a BMW, no matter what, you'll enjoy it"

COMPLETELY AGREE!! I'm turning 22 this year and i couldnt be more blessed to be driving such an amazing vehicle. I really wanted to get into a 335 but ive put some serious milage on my car(90k+) that i dont believe i can get much for it. And when i saw the 4 series concept i figured ill ride this one out for a while longer until that car comes out. I was fortunate enough to have parents who got me the car at 16, but after 5 years ive gotten bored. Im not looking for any substantial gains, just a more enjoyable ride for the time being.