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Ok, update time!

Finally got the headers on!

The set-up.

MMW headers, secondary cats intact, and the BMW Performance Exhaust

The job wasn't too bad, but of course with a lift and all the tools at my friends garage it makes a heck a lot easier. This job definitely goes easier with an extra set of hands, and it took two days (obviously not in a rush) but it was started Thursday night and finished Saturday morning.

I didn't have my camera with me until it was off the lift, and I was driving but when I got home I took a couple of shots from the top. The black ceramic coating I think looks real nice in the engine bay, kind of an off-set black compared to the rest of the engine bay.

Ok, now on the important stuff. Performance and sound.

Performance- When the car was all buttoned back up, I uploaded the AA off-road tune on. This was a test of sorts because the file didn't have the rear o2 sensors off, so I currently do have the CEL light on. I am going to drive it around to have it throw all the codes, then I'll scan it and give Zak@AA the codes and he can remove and I'll be all set to go!

Obviously only driving it 10 miles back to my house and to get gas the tune hasn't quite sunk in, but make no mistake about it there is a noticeable difference. The car pulls nice and strong with the headers with in sync with the AA tune! Like other people say the car feels "optimized" and the tachometer just seems light and easily goes through the rpm range. And of course I know, dyno, dyno, dyno. Work is getting busy, but I'll be on the lookout for an AWD dyno sometime soon.

Sound- It doesn't sound much like the video above. Of course you'll see I didn't get anybody to record me driving by as its snowing here, but I'm more concerned with how it sounds inside the car. Cameras never do it justice, but if you're sensible especially in slow areas, with this setup you should have no problems with the cops in regards to being too loud. If you keep it under 4k it just sound amazing! I drove home with the windows down, it sounds just like performance exhaust x2 in normal driving. But make no mistake if you step on it, above 4k it gets loud.

As far as rasp and drone go, not much of either. I know it's hard to believe with that video and all. I didn't get to drive it crazy today due to the weather but I'll test out the upper end of the rpm range later to see if it rasps, but not under 4k I know that much. No highway driving yet, but minimal drone at best. I had my radio on normal volume, and I can only hear it above 3k. It's weird to describe, its like you can hear it at all times obviously when you step on the gas, but it is very well mannered (I think the BMW Performance is mostly to thank for this.) If you had the radio on normally, and just cruised at 2.5k in 3rd or 4th doing 40-50mph, you would barely notice it. That's what I like, no attention in normal driving, but when you need hear it, it delivers with the sound and the performance.

Ok here are some pictures

Ok, now for a couple videos

The first one is a luke warm idle, aka I left in the garage but with the door up, and its 25 degrees here. The car was sitting for about an hour and half after I got home from the shop. So not totally warm, but not cold. I'll try to get cold tomorrow or Monday.

This next one I made myself while driving back from getting groceries. Please excuse the crazy noise at 1:45 I dunno what happened. Snowing, one hand with camera and one on the wheel, and groceries. Aka normal driving , but you get the idea.


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