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Originally Posted by wendellg85
About to take delivery of my new ALpine White X3 and I know I'm supposed to seal/wax it right away but its January and I do not have access to heated work area so think that is going to be a problem. Would you recommend my best option is to have it professionally detailed?

If so, have never paid for professional detailing before. I know certain products are better for white cars, do I trust them to use the best product to use or should I be specific about what I want (not necessarily specifying a particular brand but stating that I want one thats good for white, high gloss, etc)? Don't know the protocol, and don't want to insult their expertise, but if I'm going to pay good money for a pro job I think I should be happy with results.

Also I read best protocol is to clay, seal, wax. Is this part of normal detailer protocol, or do I need to specify if I want this? If this is not normal protocol then I guess I'll be paying more for this level of detail.

Any advice appreciated.
If you get it professionally detailed go to someone like Phil at Detailers Domain.