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Originally Posted by JoosyJoos View Post
What are the exact goals for the car? I can tell you right now if you want a successful platform for autox the 335i isnt going to compete well in any class. It can't fit enough tire, it's too heavy, and the competition is too high (STI, Evo, etc.)

Vorshlag camber plates have great reviews, generally favored by those doing double duty (street + track). Ground Control plates offer a wider range of settings but tend to be noisier.

If I were you I'd wait to do your suspension tuning all at once. Learn to drive the car as it is... Save money for disposables like tires, brakes, fluids etc. once you've got that figured out and it's truly the car that's holding you back then drop money on everything and tweak to your liking. If you're like me you'll realize the 335i isn't going to meet your goals and youll buy a dedicated car... If you're a junkie like me ;-)
I suppose my goal is to have a car that is fun to drive as a daily driver that can also hold its own in autoX or on the track, afterall this is just a hobby of mine. This past summer I attended 6 AutoX events and I can honestly say by the end of the season I feel like I am getting close to the limit of the car. At first I would constantly understeer in corners, but as I gained experience I learned to control the understeer by both braking more and "shimmying" the wheel (slightly straighten out, turn in, slightly straighten out, turn in, etc). I want the car to go where I tell it to go, i feel like there is so much power under the hood waiting to be used but it just can't with the current setup.

When I first bought the car I was so stoked about all of the power that could easily be added to the engine, but after going to those autoX events I realized the car needed help in the handling area first and foremost.

A dedicated track car would be awesome, but I feel like that will end up costing me even more money than the few mods I had in mind for my car. I'm only looking to spend about 6k in mods at the max. To get a track car I'd have to spend close to that or more on just the car and would still need to modify that as well. Also, the fact that my fiance would flip her sh!t if I said I was getting another car (as a toy), and still have my motorcycle

To sum up this rant.... Will the wheels I have fit if I get 255/35-18 square with the addition of the camber plates? Can't wait for the summer to get here so the fun can begin!
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