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Fans Coming On and Staying On....NO AC????

what could cause the fans to start coming on all the time now, even at cold startup? and my ac not work.....dash lights and all

couple things I have done around the time this started:
  • Aa intercooler install
  • disconnected battery for a short while
  • update to ISO-C for n55 (Map5 is what i run)
  • had my stock intake in,,,put in bms after oiling - let it sit for a few days, and did not over oil (this is seemingly when the fan situation started)
  • cleaned MAF with maf airflow sensor cleaner (does this have anything to do with fans?)
  • put in a little e85 (~e40, and I have done it before)
  • disabled auto clear since AA install so I can see if I am throwing any codes.....
  • left glove box open over night.....light wont work
  • shorted trunk interior light (long story)

Anyone know what 3BCC code is/ is caused from?

Max Cool is not on.


Please help me!!!!